Breast Disease

Breast Disease


Invision Thermography provides a non-invasive interpretive procedure that can be used for breast cancer prevention without the use of harmful radiation. Thermography assists in identifying even the smallest of changes in blood vessels and metabolic activity of the breast tissue 8-10 years before conventional breast cancer detection methods do.

Using our highly sensitive infrared cameras, and without ‘squishing and smashing’, we compile a comprehensive thermographic picture which will be analyzed by a medical doctor for signs of tissue or vascular changes that commonly signify active cancers and new blood vessels which may be feeding future tumors. Areas with abnormal tissue growth tend to produce significantly more heat than healthy breast tissue because they require more blood flow to grow. With additional blood flow to an area, more heat will be generated.

Thermography is a radiation free breast scan which is highly effective for all women and especially those with dense breasts, larger breasts and women under the age of 50 or with implants. A tumor may grow 5-10 years before being detectable on a mammogram. Early detection is key to saving lives.

Notice: The diagnosis of breast disease should never be determined by any single test. Thermography is a physiological test and is not represented as a stand-alone test for the diagnosis of breast disease and does not replace mammogram or any other anatomical test. Any suspicious outcome will result in a recommendation for further testing.